Hire Train Deploy (HTD) Model

// We recruit exceptional talent, enhance their skills, and deploy them optimally for maximum impact!
// HTD Model

What Is Hire-Train-Deploy Model?

The Hire-Train-Deploy model addresses the challenge of skill gaps in today’s competitive market. With talent shortages prevalent globally, including in India, where graduates often lack practical working knowledge required by industries, this model stands out as a disruptive training program.

It aims to swiftly bridge the gap between organizational expectations and candidate readiness by hiring individuals, training them in high-demand skills, and deploying them directly into specific job roles.

At Aesthetic IT Soft, we collaborate closely with clients to identify their needs and deploy skilled candidates equipped to contribute immediately to their organizations.

Through intensive training camps developed in partnership with leading IT industries in India, we prepare ambitious candidates to fill skill gaps and advance their careers by providing job-ready talent.

Why Choose Hire-Train-Deploy?

We connect nationally sourced talent directly to your workforce, fully trained and ready to contribute.
Our HTD concept reduces your effort and costs by handling sourcing, training, and hiring, ensuring your team's future success.
Our flawless candidate selection process ensures you access top talent from across India that perfectly fits your requirements.
// HTD

Our HTD Process

Utilizing our search strategy, we identify and source candidates tailored to the client's needs, matching both fresh graduates and experienced professionals with suitable job opportunities. Assignments are determined by their performance in skill assessments and interviews.
We deliver a personalized training program where our seasoned trainers instruct candidates over a 3 to 6 Months period, tailored to each individual's learning pace. The training focuses exclusively on the essential job-specific skills. Our trainers boast extensive experience and conduct regular monitoring throughout the sessions to ensure optimal progress. The candidates will be made to work on the Live Projects.
After completion of Training, we arrange a final assessment with our Clients. Employees may either be hired full-time by our clients or will get hired by us where they continue to work with our agency on various projects.
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// HTD Benefits

Benefits of Hire-Train-Deploy

Benefits for Employees:

01 Receive a steady command on the subject while acquiring new skills or transitioning to a new industry.

02 Gain the opportunity to collaborate with major companies and explore new career paths.

03 Benefit from hands-on training throughout the learning journey.

Benefits for Employers:

01 Recruit employees with relevant industry experience seeking to enhance their technical skills.

02 Agencies cultivate a consistent flow of new talent for enterprise clients requiring substantial workforce expansions.

03 Evaluate potential employees' suitability before committing to full-time employment, thereby optimizing investment decisions.

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